What can AMI members do for me?

All fully qualified AMI members (those who have passed the Mountaineerng and Climbing Instructor qualification or Winter Mountaineering and Climbing Instructor qualification (see awards for more info) need to comply with the Association’s requirement to undertake CPD. Therefore, you know that by employing an AMI member you are employing a professional. Members also adhere to a code of conduct and there is a Professional Standards Policy.
So to ensure a quality day out with a Mountaineering Professional please Look out for the logo.
The following gives you an idea of what our members can offer.

Guided Climb, Scramble or Walk

Mountaineering Instructor Award If you have a particular challenge/objective that you wish to fulfill then the associations fully qualified AMI members are the perfect professionals to help you. All are highly experienced and qualified mountain professionals and therefore able to guide you in the mountains. Many are also qualified in other activities as well.

Winter Climbing

Ice climbing Devils Appendix The UK and Irish mountains can offer amazing days and adventures in winter. Whether it's climbing your first Munro in snowy conditions, or venturing onto the steep faces and gullies to try winter climbing, an AMI member holding the Winter Mountaineering and Climbing Instructor qualification will share with you all the skills needed to enjoy these activities.

Skills Coaching

Teaching leading Whether learning to lead climb, improving mountain navigation, or practising snow and ice techniques, AMI members are experts in mountain skills and are more than happy to arrange days to help you to improve, or to work on those practical skills that are so difficult to gain simply by reading instructional manuals. Sessions can also be tailored to meet the specific requirements of those who are working towards undertaking the Mountain Training national governing body awards.

National Governing Body Awards

NGB awards AMI members with enough further training and experience may become providers or directors of the National Governing Body award training and assessment courses managed by Mountain Training UK. These include the Lowland Leader, Hill and Moorland Leader, Mountain Leader Award (Summer and Winter), Climbing Wall Instructor, Rock Climbing Instrcutor and Rock Climbing Development Instructor

Group Activities

Mountain Group.1 Perhaps you have a group of friends or young people who would like to experience mountain activities AMI members can organise individual days or longer periods out on the mountains, moorlands and crags around the country to suit the group’s aims. Many members are broadly qualified holding paddlesport, caving, and sailing qualifications. We are therefore the perfect choice to fulfil your ambitions. As it stands at the moment it is a legal requirement, when working with under 18 year olds, for an activity provider to be inspected by the Adventure Activity Licensing Service. Many members either hold individually, or work for organisations that hold an AALS licence.

Technical Advisors

A number of AMI members are qualified and experienced to be Technical Advisors in mountaineering, rock climbing and other related activities as defined by the Adventure Activity Licensing Regulations. Organisations running climbing walls, high ropes courses or running other climbing related activities also employ advisors to ensure that the best possible standards of practice are being met.

Legal Experts

When litigation rears its head, a small number of AMI members are on the British Mountaineering Council Approved Experts Witness list and can be expected to provide impartial and empirical opinions on climbing and mountaineering related issues.

Employing an AMI member

Depending on the nature of the course or activity you can expect to pay between £150 and £250 per day for the services of a Mountaineering Instructor in both summer and winter conditions. Ratios are generally 1:2 for rock climbing, winter climbing and scrambling but they do vary.

Fees for larger group activity days are likely to be more and these can range from £25 to £40 per person per day. Ratios for these days are up to the instructor.
If you wish to employ a Mountaineering Instructor as a technical advisor then expect to pay between £250 and £300 a day plus expenses.

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