Two Years of CMS

Find a Leader Sian Sykes
On this day, two years ago, our Candidate Management System was born!

This new digital system has opened up a load of new features for you, our candidates, and to celebrate our 2nd birthday we thought we'd help you make the most of CMS.

How to make CMS work for you

  • You have control over your record so keep your personal details up to date
  • Fill in the 'My Story' section so other people can find out more about your Mountain Training journey
  • If you're a member of the Mountain Training Association you can list yourself in our Find a Leader search
  • Fill in the Membership Public Profile at the bottom of the Membership tab so when people view your profile it tells them more about you and what you do
  • Add a Profile Picture to your account
  • Connect your account to Facebook, Twitter and/or LinkedIn to allow CMS to post on your behalf when you book onto a course or a workshop. It also enables a faster login (just click 'Login with Facebook')
  • Embrace DLOG (our digital logbook) and start creating a digital record of your experience. You'll even get some lovely colourful pie charts!

Here are some interesting stats from the past two years...
  • Since 1964, 145,640 candidates have registered for a Mountain Training award
  • To date 20,715 of you have logged on to CMS and created an account
  • This year, CWA registrations overtook SPA registrations for the first time
  • We're currently on version 2.2, which hints at quite a few updates and amendments helping to make it stronger by the day.
Huge thanks to James Parker and the rest of the team at blahdblah for their hard work and for getting their heads around the complexities of Mountain Training behind-the-scenes.

Check out some images of CMS and DLOG in our Facebook album.


In October 2013 we launched our Digital Logbook (DLOG) and since then you've created over 61,000 records with the current average at 314.5 per day! We've had loads of positive feedback about DLOG and some developmental feedback as well which is helping us to shape this exciting new feature.

As always we welcome your comments and suggestions on how we can make CMS and DLOG even better. It's been a busy two years and we've come a long way baby.

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