Mountain Training Goes Paperless

Mountain Training InteractiveOur New Year’s resolution is to send out as little paperwork as possible. It’s not the most exciting New Year’s resolution ever but it makes sense and it’s sustainable.

Online registration

Registration for all of our schemes is now done through our Candidate Management System, an online database for all candidates, past and present, who have ever registered for a Mountain Training award. New candidates need to create an account first; it’s really easy and doesn’t take very long.

DLOG (Digital Logbook)

Thanks to the introduction of our new DLOG (digital logbook) we won’t be sending out paper logbooks anymore. The DLOG is a fantastic system for recording all of your experience and you can share it with other people (for example an Assessor), at the click of a button. Some people have already been using DLOG and there is help available for those of you who are newer to the system.

What should I do with all my old paper?

If you don’t need it anymore, recycle it.

If it’s got all of your ascents since 1972 on it, scan the pages with notable achievements on and upload them to the CV section of your DLOG. Then either recycle them or neatly file them and share them with the relatives at Christmas.

We aren’t going totally paperless, we’ll still send you:

  • A certificate when you pass an award (with the understanding that you’ll frame it and put it on your wall). This works in conjunction with your CMS account to replace the pass page which used to sit at the front of the paper logbook.
  • A ‘Safety on Mountains’ booklet if you register for the new Hill & Mountain Skills scheme, available from 1st April.

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