Mountain Training Board of Ireland

Update 17th January 2018

Mountain Training Board of Ireland

Mountaineering Ireland has established a new mountain training body to oversee all schemes of training in the island of Ireland, known as the Mountain Training Board of Ireland. This new body is a sub-committee of Mountaineering Ireland and reports to the Mountaineering Ireland Board. It has taken over the functions of the Mountaineering Ireland sub-committee (BOS) and the Sport Northern Ireland sub-committee, Mountain Training Northern Ireland (MTNI) from 1st January 2018. The detail of the arrangements, which have been endorsed by Sport Northern Ireland are available for download on the Mountaineering Ireland website.

Mountain Training Board of Ireland is a full member of the UK and Ireland ‘Mountain Training’ networking and coordinating body, of which Mountaineering Ireland has been a full member since its inception.

This is an exciting initiative allowing us to combine the resources available to MTNI and BOS, to develop the schemes of mountain training throughout the island of Ireland, integrated with the UK system, to increase training opportunities and continued transference of awards. There are already significant developments happening in terms of the diversity of training courses and awards, being responded to by a marked increase in uptake. The new structure allows Mountaineering Ireland to focus resources on maximising the potential of these initiatives to support all who want to undertake training, providers of training and awards, and all those bodies who rely on the integrity of the NGB awards to keep people safe in the mountains and deliver rewarding experiences.

Mountain Training Board of Ireland consists of 10 volunteer board members drawn from the diverse experience and expertise of the Mountaineering Ireland membership, providers of training and awards and those who use the awards. A call for nominations was made in September 2017 followed by a selection process that had the new Board established by November 2017 and taking up their duties by 1st January 2018.

The 10 selected and ratified members are as follows:
Dawson Stelfox, Alan Mordaunt, Kate Thompson, Colin Gibbon, Kevin O’Callaghan, Stephen Creber, Lorcan McDonnell, Joe McKnight, David Batt, Maeliosa DeBuitlear.

Technical Advisors: Kieran O’Hara, John Cousins, Jane Carney
Secretary to the Board: Jane Carney Mountaineering Ireland Training Officer
Secretarial support: Mountaineering Ireland Training Administrator

Mountaineering Ireland recognises the many years of commitment by volunteers and professionals into establishing and developing the current schemes of training through both MTNI and BOS, and wants to put on record its appreciation for their many years of service and support. We look forward to engaging with all those involved in the development of mountain training and together creating the best possible supportive structure for users of the awards, providers and candidates.

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