Help Sherpas Help Nepal

The earthquake in Nepal on Saturday (25th April) has had a profound impact on the mountain communities in and around Kathmandu. As you can see from the correspondance below, the team at Sherpa Adventure Gear are at the heart of relief efforts in some of the more remote areas and anything you can do to support their "Help Sherpas Help Nepal" appeal really will make a difference.

Tashi Sherpa, owner and founder of Sherpa Adventure Gear, is in Kathmandu and masterminding the relief effort through the company’s charity the Paldorje Education Fund. Using the infrastructure of the Paldorje Education Fund they have set up the “Help Sherpas Help Nepal” appeal. This guarantees that 100% of your donation will be spent on the urgent provision of clean drinking water, food, sanitation and shelter in Nepal.

Donate now to Help Sherpas Help Nepal.

From Tashi Sherpa – 29th April 2015, direct from Kathmandu:

“Dear Sherpa team,

Every day the situation changes here. I've been able to get a lot of water purification tablets along with hand sanitizers from our sources in Siliguri so at least these items are now a lot more readily sourced than two days ago.

The BIGGEST and most urgent need now seems to be Shelters in the remote villages where everything has been flattened. Sherpa Nepal is currently sewing up and making around 400 simple Water proof tents from our stock of hard shell waterproof fabrics and about 500 fleece blankets for distribution.

I believe the most effective effort now looks like sending money through the relief funds set up, so that this can be disbursed in the most ethical and practical ways to those that need it most. Using funds towards a myriad of things from anywhere to buying a thousand packets of Ramens, feeding those desperate families lines up outside the hospitals, tarps and ropes, greasing a local micro bus driver to drive volunteers to the worst hit areas and deliver seem to be where our focus is now towards.

The airport is a logistics nightmare that is compounded by the ineptitude and the deliberate incompetence of callous customs officials; cargo for the earthquake relief seems to be stuck in red tape. It will clear up eventually but I'm also learning quickly as to what works best and most effectively is to be resourceful by adapting to jungle tactics. The Terrace is now control Centre for our own efforts from where I am managing to run our own supply chain of man and materials.

Now that slowly, life is inching back to some sense of being able to actually sit down and not worry about the next tremor, I have been learning with a lot of sadness that many of our staff members have suffered by losing their own homes totally. Even our own sourcing manager Suren and his family of seven will be tenting because their city dwelling cracked and tilted.

Our efforts to recover and rebuild will continue. Much gratitude and many thanks for all that you are doing for us. !!

Best Regards,


How you can help

They’ve set up a site at ( where you can donate to provide immediate help on the ground. It’s managed through the Paldorje Education Fund, already in place to benefit the children of Sherpa families in remote villages. We believe this is the wisest way to do the most good for as long as it takes. Please check back for more news. Your good thoughts and deeds make a real difference here.

As a start, Bradshaw Taylor Ltd (UK distributor and Sherpa Adventure Gear shareholder) donated £10,000 this morning through the “Help Sherpas Help Nepal” appeal - with the intention of donating another £10,000 at the end of May (next month).

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