Coaching Scheme Vacancy and Handbook

New look Coaching Handbook

After a full first year of courses we've created a new version of the Coaching Scheme handbook. The syllabus hasn't changed, we've just added some top tips and changed the presentation to make the information easier to digest.

Coaching Scheme Handbook

Coaching Scheme Provider Vacancy

Mountain Training UK is currently inviting applications from suitable candidates to replace a Coaching Scheme provider in the Central Belt and NE of Scotland.

Applicants are invited to apply to join the existing first cohort of providers and if selected go through an induction process in order to deliver the new Coaching Scheme’s Foundation and Development Coach courses. Mountain Training is looking to maintain the highest quality of delivery whilst fulfilling the demand from its candidates. For that reason, we have elected to use a qualitative system for application that will allow us to select the most inspirational individual with the highest levels of experience and potential.

The timetable for applications is as follows:
Monday 23rd February Closing date for applications
Monday 16th March Selection process complete
Thursday 16th and Friday 17th April Provider Induction event

The Scheme:

Each level brings together three important strands of a coach’s personal and supervisory experience of climbing: a technical understanding of What to Coach; The Supervision of activity; and greater knowledge of How to Coach more effectively. Hence, we are looking for a provider who is experienced in all these areas, and able to deliver, lecture and coach in an inspirational and aspirational manner.

For an overview of the scheme, you can find the relevant information here on the Mountain Training website. For full details of the courses, you can find the Foundation Coach and Development Coach syllabi on-line.

Who should apply?

We are looking for a provider with a depth and breadth of experience, as well as a genuine passion for the development of coaching in climbing. This is an exciting opportunity to join the existing team of providers, and we are looking for someone to play an active and reflective role in the delivery of these early courses, in order to drive forward the standards and development of the Coaching Award Scheme. The provider specification outlines the characteristics and experience we are ideally looking for. When completing the application form, please make sure you explain how you fulfil these criteria and, in addition, tell us about all your relevant supporting experience, and what you would bring to enhance this role.

What are you applying to deliver?

The Coaching Award Scheme went live in October 2013, and we are looking for a provider to deliver courses in the spring of 2015 onwards. For the first phase of the scheme, we are looking to induct and develop providers who are experienced and equipped to deliver the full complement of courses. At this stage we are hoping that applicants could fulfil the following roles:
  • Foundation Coach Trainer (a 1 day course)
  • Development Coach Trainer (a 2 day course)
  • Foundation Coach Assessor
  • Development Coach Assessor

Course Demand

Eventually, future applicants will have to demonstrate a specific catchment of candidates and providers will be expected to run a healthy number of course places each year, in order to satisfy a sustainable demand. In the long term, providers may be able to deliver just one (or more) of the modules, but we hope that the first cohort will be confident to contribute to delivering them all in this preliminary stage.

Therefore, we would like you to commit to offering at least two Foundation and two Development training courses in the first year. In addition, we would like to know where you plan to advertise these courses and the geographical regions of your proposed (or possible) delivery.

Programme, Course Base and Facilities

As this is a new award, it will be essential to attend the Provider Induction Event scheduled for the Thursday 16th and Friday 17th April. We understand that this may not be possible for all, and we are keen to select people on their merits as a provider, rather than their availability on the date – so please apply, but fill in your availability on the form and contact us regarding any issues. Suggested programmes for training and assessment courses will be covered as part of the induction process.

Once approved, Mountain Training will not be prescriptive in how the courses are finally delivered, but they must deliver the course syllabi over a minimum number of hours. These details are available in the scheme handbook. Applicants at this stage should consider potential training and assessment venues that allow for:
  • access to suitable teaching areas and technical equipment;
  • suitable facilities and equipment are available;
  • and that appropriate venues can be arranged which are conducive to the training and assessment of candidates without excessive travel.
Ideal training and assessment locations would be a versatile climbing wall;
  • with a good variety of climbing surfaces and gradients;
  • that has a separate quiet classroom, of sufficient size, with AV capabilities.

How Do I Apply?

Please complete the separate application form with reference to the provider specification as outlined in this document. Please return the completed form (and all associated supporting material) c/o The Coaching Development Officer at the Mountain Training office.

Closing date for applications is Monday 23rd February 2015

What Happens Next?

Following the closing date, all applications will be reviewed by an experienced screening committee. Mountain Training UK (via the Coaching Management Working Group) will select the suitable applicant. Successful applicants will:
  • Be sent notification and further information on the scheme and induction process.
  • Be invited to attend a two day induction event to be held on Thursday 16th and Friday 17th April.
  • Upon successful completion of the induction, the first cohort of providers will be approved and confirmed.
Applications that are not successful will:
  • Be informed of the decision following the screening process
  • Details will be held with Mountain Training
  • Positive applications will be invited to apply at a subsequent application opportunity
  • Potential providers would be encouraged to attend/observe on relevant courses in the Coaching Award Scheme to develop their experience

Data Protection

Mountain Training UK will maintain all relevant data of the Providers operating on its behalf (under the Data Protection Act) including a record of all courses delivered plus feedback documentation. This information may be shared between Mountaineering Councils.

Any Questions?

All the answers should be available in the online information, with FAQs. To discuss a particular question or application in more detail, please email We look forward to your application.

Martin Chester
Coaching Development Officer
January 2015

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