Social Media Mondays - resources for providers

1. Identifying your unique selling point and target audience

A session to help you identify who you're trying to appeal to. Tone of voice, personas and Getting Active Outdoors (research) will also be covered.

Useful links:

Getting Active Outdoors report and short videos

Monday 29th July, 2.30pm

2. Setting up and reviewing your social media account(s). Jargon.

Which platform(s) to use.
How to set up and optimise your accounts.
Understanding terminology and keeping up with the changes.

Monday 5th August, 2.30pm

3. How to post and types of post

An introduction to posting on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.
Why you might use certain types of post.
Controlling who sees your content.

Monday 12th August, 2.30pm

4. Creating content for success

How to work with algorithms to maximise reach/engagement/impact.
Content for social media vs. Content for your website.
Length of post, number of hashtags etc.

Useful links:

Monday 19th August, 2.30pm

5. The marketing/sales funnel

What it is and how it might work to sell your courses on social media.

Tuesday 27th August, 2.30pm

6. Monitoring and evaluating

What has worked, what hasn’t? Why? What do you count as success? Who’s actually coming on your courses?

If you have any questions regarding the content of any of these webinars, feel free to contact Nicola Jasieniecka by email ( or phone (01690 720128).

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