Provider and course director resources - v4

We will be switching to version 4 (v4) of the tahdah platform soon. This is a necessary transition because tahdah have developed the coding framework that runs the system to become more flexible, to manage automated testing and to help future proof its development and expansion.

Our providers, course directors and administrators are the ones most likely to notice the difference, which is why we’ve put together these resources.
What's new?Menu – top right – now there are two:

The username menu takes you directly to your personal account or any provider accounts you’re connected to.
Username menu

The three line/burger menu includes links to create courses or workshops and switch organisations within tahdah e.g. to NNAS, RLSS etc.
Burger menu

Provider numbers – your original provider number still shows in brackets after your name when viewing your provider account. Your new ‘legal entity ID’ shows in the URL and when searching for providers.

Provider stats – the ‘Candidates trained’ and ‘Passes given’ stats that show on the provider account were previously incorrect. They have been refined and show a more accurate and therefore different.

Provider stats

Provider address – this is no longer in a separate tab, it displays on the front page of your provider account. It can be hidden by editing your provider account if you’d prefer not to share your address. You can also choose to show or hide other information including course stats, manager list and your staff list.

Provider address

Provider staff – the Staff tab is now called ‘Our People’. This will also now show more clearly what schemes a staff member is approved to direct.

Provider payments – the new Financial tab has replaced the Course Fees and Annual Fees tabs. All transactions are now invoice-based and you can pay some or all of the invoices in a single transaction.

Access to candidate data – this is now restricted to people who have been assigned the ‘Provider Manager’ role and the appropriate course director. Course directors can now be assigned to the course by the Provider Manager, in advance of creating the course report.
Please note members of staff connected to your provider account will NOT be able to view the contact details and DLOGs of candidates booked onto a course unless they have been assigned the course director or staff role for that course. This is to ensure protection against unauthorised or unlawful processing in line with GDPR.

Provider manager

Course enquiries – these can now only by viewed by people with the Provider Manager role, for the same reasons outlined above.

Provider tab – you no longer have a ‘Provider’ tab on your candidate account. Instead, the information about which providers you’re linked to and which courses you’re approved to direct is within the ‘My Organisations’ tab. It displays which providers you're connected to and which organisations have access to your data.

My Organisations
Provider finance Access to your provider page can be accessed by clicking your username at the top right.

Username menu

You will find a Financial tab on the right-hand side of your tabbed menu. If you can’t see it then you probably don’t have permission to see it. Please contact the Mountain Training office if you believe you should have access to this tab.

Financial tab

Course Fees, Annual Fees and all other interactions between Mountain Training and your provider account will appear here in a ledger format. NOTE: Your personal transactions appear in your payment history tab on your personal page.

Financial Balances

  • This shows the total unpaid balance that is outstanding to the board for course fees or annual fees. You will be prompted with a ‘Pay Now’ link if a balance is due and you can pay online or choose alternative ways to pay.
  • Here you can search for a person or organisation by name or unique candidate or organisation ID.
  • If you have a transaction ID, Invoice Number or Purchase Order Number they can be searched for here.
  • This is a powerful filter and search tool that allows you to filter by date ranges, payment types and other criteria. The download will give you a CSV file of the data filtered.
  • This shows the organisation the bill is from and the unique transaction ID
  • A brief description, as well as tags showing if paid and how paid e.g. Card, BACS
Below shows a snapshot of the ledger showing two entries for course fees. These entries are auto generated by the system when a course report is processed and subsequently when payment is received.

Financial statement 2

The bottom section shows the Invoice/Bill and what it was for along with the organisation and unique transaction ID.

The top section shows the payment by card.

They both show the payment being allocated to the bill giving a zero balance.

The arrows to the right produce various actions dependent on where you are in the system. On this example they will show you more details about the payment or the bill.
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Adding course directors and staff to a course:

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