Water-to-Go Review

Water to go

The Water-to-Go water filtration system is a little bit like Clark Kent, don’t be fooled by its normal looking exterior there is a super-hero lurking underneath.

The super hero in question is a very clever little filter. Little being the operative word here in more ways than one. This 3 stage filter uses nano technology, Hydrostatic latent positive charge and active carbon.

Stage 1’s nano technology means the pores in the filter are so small that bacteria can’t fit through. Then it the turn of the equally clever latent positive hydrostatic charge. This basically attracts all the nasty negatively charged particles like viruses, pathogens and chemical nasties and activates when coming in contact with water. The last active carbon filter that improves the taste, which has a 200 litre life span. Basically when the water doesn’t taste nice its time to change the filter but the important part will still be working.

So I decided to put it to the test, no holds barred, on a very recent trip to Tanzania. Now normally I would be super careful when and where I got my water from but not this time, hotel taps, open stand pipes, even a muddy puddle was used. I guess it must have worked as I’m here to write about it!

Its easy to carry in a side pocket, takes 750ml of water (700ml with filter in), has a wide mouth for filling and retractable mouth straw. It does take a bit of suction power or a little squeeze to get the water flowing but that is my only grip thus far. A twin pack filter will set you back £14.95. To compare 30 Chlorine Dioxide tablets will treat 30 lires of water and cost you £10 +.

This is simple, sustainable and pretty essential for anyone traveling oversea where water borne disease and illness will ruin your whole trip at best, at worse you’ll come home with a new long term, univited partner!

if MTA members are interested in a Water-to-go filtration system we are keen to negotiate a special offer for members or in time have our own branded bottles, let us know what you think?

Ross Worthington - MTA North Wales regional representative reviewed this water filtration system for Trek and Mountain, thanks for letting us use it.

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