Verify a Mountain Training qualification

Mountain Training administers thirteen awards:
Employers and members of the general public may wish to confirm that an individual holds one of the qualifications listed above. While paper records have traditionally been the way of verifying that a qualification is genuine, Mountain Training has developed a secure online system for its 150,000 candidates.

Each individual has an account that records their achievements and includes the date when they registered for a particular scheme, the training they received and when they successfully passed the assessment. It also now provides candidates with the ability to record all their mountaineering related activity in an online logbook, known as DLOG. The record also includes membership of any of the specialist membership organisations, the individuals continuing personal and professional development and any endorsements from their referees.

Share your DLOG
If you wish to view this record a candidate can invite you to do so by sharing their DLOG with you. You can then open this record online and critically look for one or a series of gold badges that confirm whether the individual does indeed hold a specific qualification. It is important when carrying out this check that you ensure that the record matches the full name and, if there is one, the photograph of the individual in question.

As you can see in the images below, Ivana Climbalot has no awards and is not a member of any association, whereas John Cousins has five awards and is a member of three associations.

Ivana Climbalot no awards
Ivana Climbalot no awards small
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John Cousins awards
John Cousins awards small
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In addition to the DLOG, from 1st January 2014, printed certificates have been issued to newly qualified candidates on completion of a specific award (these certificates include a Mountain Training hologram and are numbered). Prior to 2014 candidates were issued with a logbook and in many but not all cases specific numbered and coloured stickers were added to a key page within. An employer can therefore use original certificates and/or logbooks to verify someone’s qualification (do not use photocopies) but if there are any doubts about this paper representation then they are encouraged to access the candidate’s record on line, as described above.

If there are any disparities in these records then candidates and employers are encouraged to contact Mountain Training directly.

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