Sherpa Women's Endless Knot Tee

At last we’ve had some great weather in North Wales which has allowed me to use my Sherpa Endless Knot Tee “in anger” so to speak. Normally even with good intentions the weather generally ensures a T shirt is covered up with a fleece or wind stopper.

Sherpa Knot Tee Not this time though! So, during the very hot spell in July, I embarked on a good mountaineering day out on the East face of Tryfan and an evening on an excursion from Idwal slabs, both times wearing just my Sherpa tee (you know what I mean!)

The Dry release fabric is a mixture of 85% polyester and 15% cotton that wicks moisture from the skin and dries like a techy base layer. The tee has a lovely soft feel to it, is very comfortable to wear and did a good job reflecting the heat of the sun to keep me cool.

Of course it didn’t stop me sweating, so like any techy Tee it did get damp against my rucksack and around the waist belt but was very quick to dry and remained comfortable. If I was being fussy, it’s a little on the long side and I found it rises slightly at the bust, that could of course be my build, it does have a nice feminine cut and comes in Sherpa’s Vibrant colours.

Not being much of a domestic goddess, it washes really well, dries wrinkle free and it’s versatile enough to wear climbing and walking as well as being smart enough for casual wear out and about, so I will definitely be packing it for my travels. Sherpa Knot Tee 1

Having embarked on a bit of Yoga and Meditation of late, it’s fitting that the endless knot symbol sat proudly on the front is a symbol which represents the unity of thought and action, words and deeds, wisdom and compassion.

It’s also great to know whilst you are out having fun in your Sherpa gear, you have helped to support Sherpa families in Nepal, now that's got to be a good thing!

Belinda Fear - MTA Development Officer

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