Paramo Fuera Windproof Smock

As the member drawn to receive the Monthly Paramo Prize in June, my choice was the Fuera Windproof Smock.

Paramo Fuera Smock A smock was not something I possessed nor something I had previously considered purchasing. My first impression was just how light the garment was and just how small it was when crammed into the rucksack.

Amazingly it always comes back out of the rucksack looking pristine with no creasing, which can’t be said for my other heavy duty waterproof/windproof kit. The Fuera Windproof Smock is made from Paramo’s Nikwax Windproof (Trade marked) which to me has a warm feel when topping short sleeved shirts and it’s breathability never leaves me in a sweat, whatever the weather.

It has had much use since arriving back in June, mainly on windy hilltops on reasonably temperate days when short sleeves are required during the assent. It quickly gets put on to act as a wind shield and keeps my body temperature up until the DofE group I’m supervising show up.

The chest pocket also acts as a handy hand warmer, which saves finding the gloves when the temperature drops during the hilltop wait. On the way back down the hill it takes little effort to cram it back into whatever space is available in the rucksack.

I find the contoured cut of the smock very comfortable giving complete freedom of movement. In very windy conditions the hood, sleeves and garment hem can be tightened up in all the right places to to keep warm, whilst still maintaining a comfort factor. In showery conditions it adequately deflects the rain without feeling the need to get my full waterproofs out the rucksack. In very wet conditions my fully waterproof garments quickly get thrown on over the top of the smock without making me feel overheated.

In summary I am well pleased with a garment I would not necessarily have previously considered a necessary part of my kit bag. I do now!

Keith Jagger is a WGL who works with DofE groups and is based in Yorkshire.

Having won the Paramo Fuera Windproof Smock in last month's Mountain Training Association's prize draw,

I first of all tried it out whilst cycling and it was very effective. However, the real test has to be on the hills. Paramo smock 1

I waited for the right test conditions and on Sunday 1st Sept the BBC forecast for my local area was for 20mph winds, so at the top of Tinto Hill (OS Sheet 72, NS953344), which is the nearest local hill, it was going to be pretty wild, and sure enough it was, at the summit the wind was well in excess of 50mph, it was difficult to stay on your feet.

The Fuera Windproof Smock is made from Nikwax® Windproof, is lightweight, windproof and dries rapidly.

Under the smock I only had a baselayer, so the windproofing of the smock had to be first class and it certainly was. Even in the howling gale I was comfortable, yes I'd give the smock my highest recommendation.

John Harris 2

John Harris is a Mountan Leader based in Lanarkshire.

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