Help for Providers - Part 1

As many of our Providers don't run courses during the winter season we thought we'd put together a short page to help you with CMS for the new season.

One of the most important recent updates includes the Find a Provider search facility. This is not the same as the Find a Course search option but is nevertheless a way for potential candidates to find you by Location, Name or Scheme.

From our website it looks like this...

Find a Provider

In order to appear in the search results you must choose a 'Main Working Area'. It is also useful if you write a little about you as a Provider so that prospective candidates can read about who you are, where you're based, where your courses are normally run etc.

Another major change for 2014 is that payments for course places are now made through the Payments tab of your Provider account in CMS.

Please use this diagram to help you prepare for the summer season.

Provider  How To

If you have any further questions please refer to Bryn's email sent on 4th April 2014. Failing that give us a call on 01690 720272.

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