Monsoon season brings added challenges to Nepal

Whilst the situation in Nepal following the recent earthquakes has generally disappeared from our television screens the situation is still desperate in many parts of the country, particularly in the remote mountain areas. Rather than write something myself I thought I would share some short passages from a recent e mail I received from a Sherpa friend. English, by the way is my friends 4th language after Sherpa. Nepali and Japanese….

Earthquake reliefWe hope everything is fine with both of you and family. We are fine so far…….. We very (much) appreciate for your donation. It will be great support for our Nepal Volunteering program. We will send to you our recently done Volunteer activities report. We are still sleeping in Tents outside ground because some time Earth Quake in the night time also. My daughter do not want to sleep in house, she feel afraid to sleep inside house. We could not find new apartment house yet.

We went to our villages area for Earth Quake relief Volunteer, we walked around many villages to know the situation after the Earth Quake in mountain villages. We distributed for 13 Schools Tent Tarpaulin for temporary students studying cottage (shelter) making and for 60 houses provided tent Tarpaulin and blankets. We used donation money to buy Tent Tarpaulin and blankets for village people who had problem by Earth Quake. We had good trip in mountain villages.

It was not so badly effected by Earth Quake in our villages Makalu 8463m region, but some old Schools and some houses broken, we provided Tent Tarpaulin and Blankets for them.

We visited Health Post and provided medicine purchasing fund money Rs. 35000. for monsoon season emergency time use. They will come to medicine purchase below Khandbari down town for Monsoon season time. We checked new School of Simma village recently built 2014 & 15. It was completed in April. The earthquake did not damaged new School building, but other old part of School badly broken.

When we walked around villages many mountains village people were requesting us for new School rebuilding fund. Now the Nepal Government looks unable to provide fund to all regions School reconstruction. Now Nepal Governments and International organization looking for really bad disasters areas reconstruction only. There for normal disaster areas reconstruction will be very behind process.

There was other help request also from village Schools teachers. Some School requested Projector machine to use for practical documentary show for students teaching time. Our NPO organization were provided few years ago one set projector for village Schools to use many Schools teachers training time to show documentary , now they know it is very useful and interesting using to teach for students also. And most countryside Schools have no any practical use instruments or materials when they teaching, said Nepal Government do not provide. So that village Schools teachers were requested us Science study practical instruments. This is the problem of Mountain villages public Schools, no facilities for teaching and studying important instruments.

Earthquake relief 2 Now starting raining monsoon season in Nepal, There was rain a lot on 10 to 13 June in Eastern Nepal include our villages area Makalu and next to below Mt. Kanchenjunga 8585m. Below Mt. Kanchenjunga Taplejung district was huge landslide on 10 June night and killed 65 people and still more than 15 people missing. Just today 13 June news said 3 people killed by Landslide near below our village at Arun river crossing bridge site. Many river bridges taken by landslide flooded in village site. In Kathmandu not raining a lot now, but last night was rain a lot in Kathmandu also. There will be more natural disaster again in monsoon season July August month in Nepal. This time will be more landslides in Nepal mountains because Earth Quake made badly cracked in mountains region.

Now Monsoon raining season started in Nepal. There for we cannot go to mountain this time because very dangerous of landslide and flooding because of Earth Quake erosion mountain region this year. We will go to mountain villages Schools reconstruction help and Volunteer work after October month when monsoon season over. Monsoon time very risky to go in mountain this year because of landslide.

With best regards.

Lakpa Nurbu
Sherpa from Family Alpine Trek and Expeditions

Mountain Training would like to support our partners Sherpa Adventure Gear appeal "Help Sherpas Help Nepal" 100% of your donation will go for immediate relief on the ground through our Paldorje Education Fund network, already set up to benefit the children of Sherpa families in remote villages.

Mal Creasey
British Mountain Guide

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