Sherpa Womens Lithang Jacket

So far this year I have used my Sherpa Women’s Lithang Jacket for climbing in Scotland, Ski touring in Austria and climbing in Snowdonia along with a bit of "extreme dog walking" or dog chasing if you’d known our springer!

Womens Lithan Jacket I found the jacket versatile and comfortable to wear, a simple and functional design that lent itself well to a variety of activities. When conditions turned unfavourable the 3 layer seam sealed Lithang Jacket really did do a great job keeping the wind and rain out. I did find adjusting the draw cord on the hood a bit tricky especially with gloves on, although I was able to adjust the hood to a snug fit with and without a helmet.

During my ski touring trip when at times a base layer or wind stopper was adequate, the Lithang Jacket was light and therefore easy to pack away, ready for the next cold and windy col where it came into its own adding instant warmth by shutting out the elements.

The stretch weave fabric allowed good mobility whilst grunting up some winter climbs in Scotland and the pit vents allowed for a more comfortable walk in.

The map (chest) pocket was particularly small, however, generally I haven’t found a small female jacket where this hasn't been the case.

As for the wild card activity the “extreme dog walking” I visited many hedgerows, brambles and hawthorn bushes to which I discovered the jacket was indeed tough and durable.

It would have been nice if the jacket had a more tailored fit to compliment the female shape, although I had chosen a small in order to fit more layers underneath during the winter, in hindsight I could have probably got away with an x small.

Sherpa do some lovely vibrant colours and I really liked the Dark Jade two tone design of this jacket, after all I am a girl and colour is important.

Womens Lithang jacket 2
Belinda Fear
MTA Development Officer.

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