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New Provider Applications 2021

This page supports applicants wishing to gain provider approval for Mountain Training England. If you are an existing provider and you wish to gain additional scheme approval(s) please consider the information here.

New Approvals

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak Mountain Training England has taken the decision to restrict applications for new provider approval in 2021. By doing so we intend to support our existing providers enabling them to consolidate and prepare for future delivery following a very challenging period.

Mountain Training England is presently developing its delivery model with the specific aim to broaden the participation in, and delivery of, its leadership and skills schemes.

Mountain Training England's Strategic Plan outlines our vision and mission. Within this three key mission goals are stated;
  • Increase female participation in MTE schemes
  • Increase BAME participation in our schemes through partnerships and mentoring
  • Increase representation of people with disabilities amongst the coaching workforce

Applications are open for all of our schemes (with the exception of Rock Climbing Development Instructor) to those who meet our minimum requirements and are able to reliably access under-represented groups when delivering courses. In all cases;

  • Applicants must be able to evidence access to under-represented groups on application.
  • Each course delivered within the probationary period must have a minimum of 50% female, BAME or disabled indviduals in attendance.

Please do not apply if you feel you are unable to achieve this.

A provider can be an individual or an organisation. In all cases a nominated and approved course director (for leadership schemes) or tutor (for skills scheme) is required for each scheme approval. Providers are able to apply for multiple course directors or tutors for a variety of schemes in the same application. In the case of a sole trader the provider and course director or tutor can be the same person. There is an annual provider fee (£125) and a fee for each additional approved course director and tutor (£20).

Provider application

Applicants must evidence the following;

Sustainable business

Applicants must demonstrate they have a solid, sustainable business plan to reliably run a significant number of courses into the future for the specific scheme.

Target markets

Applicants must demonstrate they have access to a specific catchment of candidates. Evidence should be supplied on application, in particular; any links to relevent organisations, marketing material or details of existing client groups.

We are particularly interested in the following;
  • Applicants connected to underrepresented groups as outlined above
  • Applicants connected to youth organisations
Course places

Mountain Training England expect providers to run a good number of courses each year, and for growth in course places to be aspired to. Applicants who wish to deliver a very limited number of courses with minimal numbers would not be seen as beneficial to the future delivery plan, and are unlikely to be accepted. As a guideline we would expect providers to run a minimum of two well attended courses each year, for each scheme they are approved to provide.

Course base and facilities

Applicants must evidence they have access to suitable briefing and teaching areas, conducive to the training and assessment of candidates. These teaching areas must be close to approperiate venues to minimise travel.

New Course Director and Tutor Applications

New provider applications will not be accepted without a nominated existing course director/tutor or an application for a new course director/tutor. If a new course director/tutor is required the application must be submitted by the provider not the individual concerned. Course directors and tutors have no status unless they are attached to approved providers. Mountain Training England does not approve ‘floating’ course directors and tutors.

Course directors and tutors must read and ensure they understand their responsibilities as outlined in the Leadership Awards Quality Manual and the Skills Schemes Quality Manual. Applicants are strongly advised to read the Quality Manuals in advance of submitting application(s).

Essential and desirable qualities for course director and tutors are outlined in the application form.

Application Process

Mountain Training England accepts new provider applications once a year. We welcome informal, verbal communication prior to application but will not comment in writing without formal submission.

Applications must be formally submitted by 12 noon, 8th Jan 2021. Formal submission incurs a £50 charge. This includes one free course director or tutor. There is an additional charge of £20 for all additional course directors or tutors. Please submit all applications electronically to Katherine@mountain-training.org

Applications are considered by the Mountain Training England Screening Committee and their recommendations are subsequently approved by the Board. Please understand Mountain Training England is under no obligation to accept new applications and the submission fee is non-refundable. Applicants will informed of the outcome by 5th February.

Successful Applications

Induction workshops

All new course directors and tutors must attend the relevant induction workshop(s) below. If you are approved for multiple schemes this will require multiple attendances. Provider adminstrator attendence is optional. Workshops are only run once a year at Plas y Brenin, North Wales. Each induction event costs £50 per person.

Our planned 2021 induction workshops are listed below:
  • Monday 1st March 2021: Rock Climbing Instructor, Climbing Wall Instructor and Climbing Wall Development Instructor
  • Tuesday 2nd March 2021: Indoor Climbing Assistant
  • Wednesday 3rd March 2021: Lowland Leader, Hill and Moorland Leader and Mountain Leader
  • Saturday 6th March 2021: Hill & Mountain Skills
  • Sunday 7th March 2021: Rock Skills

Probationary approval

Provisional approval is given to start running courses following attendance at the specific induction workshop/s. The probationary period is an opportunity to review performance and ensure new approvals are used actively and appropriately.

Probationary approval is reviewed after 12 months to ensure conditions have been satisfied. If we are satisfied with the conduct, performance and delivery, probationary applicants will be given full approval. Please understand Mountain Training England is under no obligation to give full approval if there is any cause for concern.

Probationary conditions:

New providers and course directors/tutors will be presented with probationary conditions. These will stipulate the terms of acceptance which will relate to the application submitted.

Moderation visit:

Mountain Training England aims to moderate new providers as soon as possible. Providers may be contacted at any time to arrange a moderation visit.

Further Guidance

The Mountain Training website outlines our work and gives specific detail on the schemes.

Applicants are welcome to view the Provider and course staff area. This may help individuals understand the requirements and processes involved within course provision. Prior to submission it is worth consulting the 'Mountain Training England Strategic Plan' within and viewing Learn Lead Inspire and Our Ethos to get a feel of who we are and what we do.

For informal, verbal guidance regarding applications you may contact the Siabod Cottage office on 01690 720272.

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