Mountain Training England Processes and Procedures

In the unlikely event of an issue arising a candidate, provider, director, course staff member or MTE may wish to complain, appeal or investigate alleged malpractice or maladministration. Here you will find information to direct you to the appropriate process/procedure. Investigating complaints and appeals Mountain Training England works collaboratively with the other national Mountain Training boards to ensure transparency and fairness.
MTE Processes and procedures 2 Candidates may use the Mountain Training Complaint or Appeal processes outlined above. Mountain Training England appreciates complaint and appeal investigations are difficult for all concerned. Appellants should be aware Mountain Training England, as the awarding body, will not normally overturn a candidate assessment course result. The advisory panel will instead make a recommendation on how to proceed.

During complaint and appeal investigations the 'Final Appeal Panel' reviews the original process undertaken. It does not re-hear the original complaint/appeal.

In the exceptionally unlikely event of a candidate wishing to simultaneously complain and appeal the candidate should contact Mountain Training England for further support. Following communication with Mountain Training England, should a candidate wish to proceed, the complaint and appeal will be heard separately.

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