#WomenOutdoors Week

To celebrate #WomenOutdoors week we've interviewed women with our qualifications to find out what makes them tick. How did they get started? Have they always been interested in the outdoors? What advice have they got for others thinking about doing a qualification?

April Grayson Pirin Mountains Bulgaria
April Grayson - trainee Lowland Leader

Laura Simpson
Laura Simpson - Mountain Leader

Cressida Allwood
Cressida Allwood - Mountain Leader

Cat Trebilco
Cat Trebilco - Winter Mountain Leader

Crystal Patton
Crystal Patton - Winter Mountain Leader

Fiona Chappell
Fiona Chappell - International Mountain Leader

Lisa Farris
Lisa Farris - Climbing Wall Award

Rachel Carr
Rachel Carr - trainee Development Coach

Michelle Forrest
Michelle Forrest - Development Coach

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