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The Mountain Training Association (the support and development branch of Mountain Training) have teamed up with Dr Samantha McElligott, Mountain Leader and leadership consultant, to provide members with a very handy package of practical leadership resources to help you review and develop your leadership practice, as well as links to other useful websites and reading material to further enhance your understanding and growth as a leader.

All of the resources have been developed with the INSPIRE leadership model at the core. INSPIRE brings together seven key leadership behaviours that will help you to inspire, enable and develop those you lead. By using the INSPIRE model, we aim to support your leadership journey so that you can focus on the behaviours that get the most out of your clients and students.

Watch this short video to find out more about the background and theoretical underpinnings of the INSPIRE model below...

How to access the leadership resources

MTA members can access the Leadership resources via the Resource Library within the MTA Members Area.

Not currently an MTA member?

The Mountain Training Association is the support & development branch of Mountain Training. Whether you're planning to attend a training course, have got your assessment coming up, already work/volunteer in the outdoor industry, or just want to stay informed, in touch and up to date, the Mountain Training Association has something for you; supporting you through your qualification journey and for the rest of your outdoor career.

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A little bit about Dr Samantha McElligott

Samantha is a Mountain Leader and leadership consultant and has been an active outdoor practitioner and expedition leader for over 15 years.

She specialises in research-led leadership development, particularly in the outdoor context. Her reserach interests include quantitative examination of the impact of leadership; transformational leadership development; and the ffects of outdoor learning on outcomes such as self-esteem and teamwork.

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