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What is the Mountain Training Association?

The Mountain Training Association is the support & development branch of Mountain Training, providing members with extra support and CPD opportunities. It was created in 2005 to support people working towards their qualifications and develop people who already have them.

Now well established with over 5,500 members it is the nationally recognised membership organisation for climbing, walking and mountain leaders in the UK and Ireland.

Whether you're planning to attend a training course, have got your assessment coming up, already work/volunteer in the outdoor industry, or just want to stay informed, in touch and up to date, the Mountain Training Association has something for you; supporting you through your qualification journey and for the rest of your outdoor career. Membership of the association is not compulsory and you need to be registered on a Mountain Training award scheme before you can join.


The Mountain Training Association’s overarching aim is to provide support and development opportunities to enable our members to excel.

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We are committed to fostering progression and encouraging good practice so that others can enjoy professionally-led activities.

Our vision is to continue leading the way in this field and to widen recognition from within the outdoor industry.

Key aims

    • Promote good practice and professionalism.
    • Lead the way in providing quality personal development opportunities.
    • Develop a growing supply of valuable resources.
    • Provide a hub for communication and networking.
    • Provide regionally focused communities of support.
    • Build mutually beneficial links with other outdoor organisations.
    • Provide a structure for members to contribute to Mountain Training.

Get the support you need to succeed.

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What’s in it for you?

As soon as you join, you will be able to take advantage of a whole host of association benefits. Update, refresh and broaden your skills by attending UK-wide accredited CPD workshops and training events, find walking and climbing partners and gain access to a wide range of special gear deals, trade discounts, exclusively discounted insurance and special association publications. MTA gear deals are ALWAYS A MINIMUM OF 15% OFF with some offerings at a FANTASTIC 25-30% off! So whether it’s t-shirts, tents or trainers you need, paying full price is a thing of the past. The association also provides a link between you the candidate and Mountain Training beyond obtaining an award and for the rest of your career so you can stay up to date with the latest developments regarding qualifications and the industry as a whole.

View our full range of benefits here.

Find out what MTA means to some of our members here.
“An amazing network of like-minded people”- Branwen Mcbride, 2016
“The workshops I’ve done have been brilliant, and have definitely made me a better leader” – Alex Kendall, 2016

How much does it cost?

Membership is only £36 per year (that's only £3 a month!) and to save you the hassle of logging into your Mountain Training account and paying your membership manually each year you now have the option to renew your membership by direct debit. To join the Mountain Training Association, simply log in to your Mountain Training account and purchase from the Membership tab. Alternatively, click here to go straight there.


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