Mountain Training Books

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Mountain Training has a range of manuals to accompany all of the training schemes within the award structure. Each book contains striking illustrations that complement the text and accurate mapping make this book an indispensable to anyone progressing through any of the Mountain Training award schemes.

Hill Walking

The Official Handbook of the Mountain Leader and Walking Group Leader Schemes.

Rock Climbing

The Official Handbook of the Mountain Instructor, Single Pitch, Climbing Wall and Climbing Wall Leading Award Schemes.

Winter Skills

The Official Handbook of the Mountaineering Instructor Certificate and Winter Mountain Leader Schemes.

Navigation in the Mountains

The Definitive Guide for Hill Walkers, Mountaineers & Leaders - the Official Navigation Book for All Mountain Leader Training Schemes

International Mountain Trekking

The Official Handbook of the International Mountain Leader Award Scheme.

Mountaincraft and Leadership

Long recognised as an authoritative text by the Mountain Training Boards of the United Kingdom,’Mountaincraft and Leadership’ is an invaluable source.