MIA Frequently Asked Questions

There are places on an upcoming MIA Training, can I book on?

If you have not received an email from Mountain Training confirming that you have been accepted on the scheme, you should not book onto a training course.

I've been climbing for years, does my whole logbook count?

Yes, although at least 10 of your multi-pitch routes at VS 4C or above should have been in the last 12 months.

Why do I need to have climbed sport routes?

This came as part of a review of the Mountaineering Instructor scheme in 2009. It was felt that candidates should have a broad knowledge of all aspects of UK rock climbing, of which sport climbing is a major part.

What counts as a 'group' for the group QMDs?

Broadly speaking, any QMD when you were in charge of the group and making the decisions counts. Ideally this will have been in a work capacity as opposed to just being out with friends.

Days when you were out shadowing another instructor do not count because you were not ultimately in control.

Is the application fee refundable?

No. Although if you reapply within six months, your application will be reconsidered at no extra cost.

Can I apply for exemption from MIA Training?

No. There is no exemption from training.