Photo shoot models required - indoor climbing


This year we’re re-launching some of our climbing qualifications and introducing the Indoor Climbing Assistant as a result of the climbing awards review. To give us the images we need to promote these schemes as widely as possible we’re holding a photo shoot this Friday 12th January and we need your help.

The photo shoot will take place at two venues: Manchester Climbing Centre (10am-2pm) and Awesome Walls Stockport (3pm-6pm). We are looking for climbers to join us at either or both venues.

To ensure we fully represent the individuals involved with our schemes, as well as the intended audience of any new schemes, we are looking for a diverse group of people. You can come along as an individual climber, or with your climbing partner. If selected we will pay for your admission to the climbing centre.

We’re looking for male and female climbers:
  • from a range of age groups (if you have children who can climb and you would like to bring them along just let us know)
  • from different ethnicity groups
  • with disabilities or impairments
  • who are comfortable in front of a camera and happy for their photo to be used as part of our promotional work
  • who are happy climbing indoors (if you have any of our climbing qualifications that may be useful but is by no means essential)
All climbers will have to meet the wall entry requirements of Manchester Climbing Centre and/or Awesome Walls Stockport if they have not climbed there before.

If you are available to help, please complete the form and send it along with a photo of yourself to by 12pm on Wednesday 10th January. You will be notified by 5pm on Wednesday if we would like you to come along.