New scheme provider applications

Early next year the national Mountain Training organisations will launch two new schemes: Rock Skills and Indoor Climbing Assistant. Rock Skills involves four courses across three levels designed to give people the skills to climb on real rock and the Indoor Climbing Assistant is an opportunity for people interested in supporting a climbing session to be trained and assessed to assist a qualified instructor.

To make these schemes a success we’re going to need enthusiastic, experienced and well connected individuals, companies and organisations to promote and deliver them. The schemes will appeal to slightly different markets from our existing qualifications; it’s important that we reach these new markets, let them know what’s on offer and deliver inspiring and engaging courses.

Recruitment for these schemes will take place through one of four national organisations and an overview of their current position and contact info is below:

Mountain Training Cymru

Mountain Training Cymru

Details for new and existing providers: Cymru Provider and Director Applications
MTE 200

Mountain Training England

Details for potential new providers: New Provider Applications

Details for existing providers who want to deliver more: Applications for Existing Providers
Mountain Training Scotland logo

Mountain Training Scotland

Mountain Training Scotland and Mountaineering Scotland recognise the advantages of introducing a verified scheme of personal skills training in rock climbing and are mindful that there are already two projects in place in Scotland: RealRock courses for young people delivered by ClimbScotland and Are you ready to Rock? courses for adults.
The provision of these courses and implementation of Rock Skills will be reviewed in 2019 by both organisations whose shared strategic aim involves a coherent and integrated series of pathways for climbers and mountaineers. A suitable way forward for Rock Skills should be agreed by Autumn 2019. More information about this process can be found here.
Mountain Training Board of Ireland

Mountain Training Board Ireland

Details for new and existing providers: MTBI Provider applications

If you have any questions about how it all works or you need some help deciphering some of the titles we use, have a read through our How to work on Mountain Training courses article.

For an informal discussion about becoming and provider, please read the information available and then contact the appropriate Executive Officer for the region in which you are based.