Mountain Training UK

We are Recruiting!

Mountain Training United Kingdom is seeking to recruit two new non-executive directors to join its six person Board. The Board consists of a mix of independent Directors and Directors with sector-related knowledge and experience. In this round of recruitment we are interested to receive applications from people with experience of the adventure activities sector.

This post is non-salaried. Directors’ travel and reasonable expenses are reimbursed. Board cartoon

What’s in it for Me?

The role of Director of MTUK is a serious duty, however, there are aspects to the role that are beneficial to you on a personal and professional basis:

  • the knowledge that you are contributing to a worthwhile cause that is meaningful to you.
  • building self-confidence and experience of committee work, thus increasing your competence.
  • acquiring new skills – personal and professional – through training and information sharing, thereby also building competence.
  • the enjoyment to be had from working with a group of people from different backgrounds who share a passion for our work.

How Is Mountain Training UK Organised?

Mountain Training UK Inc Ltd is a Company Limited by Guarantee and a registered Charity. MTUK owns a subsidiary company, Mountain Training Publications (MTP), which manages the publication of MTUK’s series of textbooks and its magazine, Professional Mountaineer. MTP’s business is conducted in conjunction with MTUK.

Mountain Training UK consists of a Council of representatives of elected member organisations (the Members). The Members support the Board of Directors and act as a consultation body. They have the authority to elect Directors annually. The functions of the Directors are to set the budget and organisational strategy, oversee its implementation by the staff and to run the company. The Directors are supported by a Chief Executive Officer who in turn is supported by a staff complement.

What Does Mountain Training UK Do?

Mountain Training UK’s main aim, as stated in its Articles of Association is:

“the advancement for the public benefit of education and training (in conjunction where appropriate with other persons or bodies) in the skills required for doing, leading and instructing safe hill, mountain, moorland and countryside walking, mountaineering and rock, ice and indoor climbing, and other associated activities, and to offer advice on matters of training and safety”.

The role of Mountain Training UK is to coordinate the shared objectives of the national Mountain Training boards.

Our areas of work include:
  • Development and management of our website, the Candidate Management System and the online logbook
  • Administration of the Mountaineering Instructor Award, Mountaineering Instructor Certificate, International Mountain Leader and climbing Coaching Scheme
  • Liaison with Government and other external bodies
  • Creation of the official handbooks of the schemes
  • Development of the Mountain Training Association (MTA)
  • Providing services for the Association of Mountaineering Instructors (AMI), British Association of International Mountain Leaders (BAIML) and the British Mountain Guides (BMG)

What Will My Role Be?

To attend Board and Members’ meetings and oversee the running of the business. The Directors of MTUK are responsible for setting the strategy and budget, overseeing the management of the operational side of the business and ensuring the safe running of the company by implementing good governance.

The ability to think strategically and creatively, to exercise independent judgement and a willingness to speak your mind are some of the key attributes we are looking for.

Further details are in the Job Description, link below.

What Level of Commitment is Required?

You will be expected to attend four Directors’ phone conferences and three face to face meetings of the Members per year. Members’ meetings are held at the National Mountain Centres; Tollymore Mountain Centre in Northern Ireland, Glenmore Lodge in Scotland and Plas y Brenin in North Wales.

You will therefore need to be able to commit to seven meetings per year and be willing to communicate with the Board of Directors and the executive staff outside of those meetings from time to time.

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How Do I Apply?

Please send your CV together with a letter/personal statement giving your reasons for wishing to become a Director of Mountain Training UK to: Cath Luke

The closing date for applications is 5.00 pm on 11 February 2018.

This appointment is to be confirmed by the Members at the General Meeting on Saturday 24 March 2018 at Glenmore Lodge, Aviemore.

Interview date: A date in late February/ early March to be confirmed. Interviews will be conducted by phone or Skype.

To ask questions about this opportunity please contact Cath Luke