DLOG tidy up – Scottish climbing

Our DLOG database is self-populating which means we have you wonderful people to thank for how much it’s grown over the past four and a half years. There are currently 715,582 trad climbing entries, 196,727 sport climbing entries and 41,951 winter climbing entries from a total 2.28 million records! Any system that allows and depends on users making new crag and route entries will never be perfect and over the years we have acquired a number of duplicate entries with slightly different spellings and occasionally routes added to the wrong crag.

Choose DLOG location Scotland

Recently, MTA and AMI member Roger Everett has volunteered his time to help tidy up the Scottish climbing regions and routes within the database by correcting spellings and making sure everything is in the right place. We’re incredibly grateful to Roger for his time and encyclopaedic knowledge of climbing in Scotland and hope you will now find it easier to log the routes you’ve climbed, thanks to his hard work. Here’s a short summary of what he’s been up to behind the scenes:
  • Corrected spellings for all Trad, Sport and Winter Climbing routes and crags in Scotland.
  • The Regions and Areas for Trad, Sport and Winter Climbing in Scotland are now comprehensive.
  • The Areas generally follow the Scottish Mountaineering Club guidebook areas (there are a few minor exceptions).
  • Crag definitions have sometimes been simplified, e.g. Coire an t-Sneachda refers to all the crags and buttresses in the corrie; Polldubh Crags includes all the crags in the central part of the glen; Buachaille Etive Mor includes all the various walls and buttresses, etc. There is no need to add further sub-divisions.
So for anyone working towards becoming a Rock Climbing Instructor or Mountaineering Instructor, we wish you happy, easy to log climbing adventures the length and breadth of Scotland!

Help us keep the database tidy and easy to use:
  • Please search for your climb or crag and use the pull-down lists whenever possible – most common crags and climbs should be in the database already.
  • If you have previously entered a Sport climb in the Trad climbing section because there was no proper place to enter the climb as Sport, please delete the entry in the Trad Climbing section and re-enter it in Sport Climbing – it should be straightforward to find the right place now.
  • If you can’t find the relevant crag in the search menu, please take care to enter it into the correct Area (almost always as defined by the relevant SMC guidebook).

Fancy helping us with other climbing regions?

If you have climbed a lot in a particular region (and/or have a good collection of guidebooks) and could spare some time to help us tidy up other parts of the UK or Ireland (however big or small), please get in touch with our Media and IT Development Officer Nicola Jasieniecka for more information: nicola@mountain-trianing.org.

If you’ve got any questions or would like some support using DLOG, email our customer service team on info@mountain-training.org.