Climbing Wall Development Instructor FAQs

1/ How do I share my DLOG?

Click on SHARE+ on the top line in your DLOG. Put in the email address of the person you want to share your DLOG with. Decide how long you want the link to remain active. Click Send. The person will receive an email with a link in it to your DLOG.

2/ Can I apply for exemption from Climbing Wall Development Instructor training?

Yes. We recommend everyone attends the training, but if you have read the syllabus, have received some other form of training and are confident that you have the necessary experience to pass an assessment you can apply for exemption. Details of how to apply are here Missing Link.

3/ When did the qualification change its name and why?

Mountain Training reviewed all of its climbing qualifications during 2015-2017. Amends were made to all schemes and some, including this one, were renamed. This qualification was previously called Climbing Wall Leading Award and was revised and relaunched on 2nd April 2018.

4/ If I am a qualified Climbing Wall Leading Award holder, can I order a Climbing Wall Development Instructor certificate to replace my existing one?

If you would like one, you can order a new certificate for the renamed qualification. The date on the certificate will be 2nd April 2018 and the provider will show as the national Mountain Training organisation that awarded your original qualification (for example Mountain Training England). This is to reflect the fact that you originally gained the Climbing Wall Leading Award and the Climbing Wall Development Instructor qualification only came into being on 2nd April 2018.

More information about replacement certificates can be found here.