Climbing is one of the UK’s fasted growing sports with more people than ever before taking part (indoors and outdoors) on a regular basis. Mountain Training offer a range of training and assessment programmes suitable for people interested in coaching, instructing or supervising climbing.

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Coaching Scheme >

The Coaching Scheme is the newest addition to our climbing awards pathway and provides people involved with supervising climbing with the coaching techniques required to improve performance. The Scheme has three levels; Foundation, Development and Performance, and focuses on three key areas; what to coach, how to coach and safe supervision. The Scheme complements all of our other climbing and mountaineering awards.

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Climbing Wall Award >

The Climbing Wall Award is ideal for people who supervise climbing, bouldering and abseiling on artificial structures. The focus of this award is the safe supervision and management of climbing activities, teaching basic movement and roped (but not lead) climbing. There is also an abseil module concerned with the safe supervision of abseiling on artificial structures. The Climbing Wall Award is commonly used by people working in climbing walls, outdoor instructors and volunteer youth workers.

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Climbing Wall Leading Award >

The Climbing Wall Leading Award involves teaching lead climbing on artificial structures which have fixed protection. It is a common route of progression for those who already hold either the Climbing Wall Award or the Single Pitch Award, as it builds on the teaching and supervising climbing skills developed through these awards.

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Single Pitch Award >

The Single Pitch Award has been designed for those involved in supervising climbing on single pitch crags and artificial structures. The Award looks at building belays and safely managing roped climbing sessions at outdoor crags, as well as bouldering and climbing indoors. This award does not enable people to teach lead climbing, either indoors or outdoors.

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