Christmas Book Offers

We've got some great offers on our books this Christmas to help you make the most of your time outdoors. They're perfect for anyone starting one of our leadership schemes or people looking to develop their personal skills. Don't miss out! All offers are running until the end of December but to guarantee delivery in time for Christmas, orders must be placed by the end of Thursday 15th December.

Hill Walking and International Mountain Trekking - both books for just £28.75! (RRP £35.94)

Hill Walking and International Trekking

Do you know how to orientate a map? How to read the weather in the mountains? How to plan a journey in a unknown place? These two books contain a wealth of information for hill and mountain walkers in the UK and oversseas. They include colourful illustrations to help explain essential information and techniques. They are the official handbooks of our walking leadership schemes and suitable for anyone in need of a little advice or guidance. Read them cover to cover or dip in and out when you want to know something; they will become a go-to resource for your adventures in the hills.

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Winter Skills - £15 (RRP £19.95)

Winter Skills

Walking and climbing in the hills in winter bring lots of new and exciting challenges, all of which require a different approach to that taken in summer conditions. Ice, snow, avalanches, stormy weather and dealing with the cold can be a real battle if you're not appropriately prepared. A huge part of this preparation involves learning and practising winter skills - that's where this book comes in. It's packed with essential information and techniques to support your journey through the winter environment and is suitable for anyone looking to have their own adventures in the white stuff. It's also the official handbook for the Winter Mountain Leader and Mountaineering Instructor Certificate schemes with practical advice on leading groups and teaching skills.

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Rock Climbing - £14.50 (RRP £18.99)

Rock Climbing

Whether you enjoy climbing indoors or outdoors, bouldering, sport or trad, it's important to know how to climb well and how to look after yourself and others. Rock Climbing covers all of the key techniques such as movement skills, belaying and spotting as well as rope management and gear placement. It's full of colour illustrations and expert advice to help you develop as a climber and is suitable for anyone who wants to more about how climbing works. The book is also the official handbook of our climbing schemes so for those of you working towards a qualification, this book covers all of the key elements involved in teaching and supervising others.

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Navigation in the Mountains - £13 (RRP £15.99)

Navigation in the Mountains

All hill and mountain walkers can benefit from this book, whether you're an experienced walker or new to the outdoors, navigation in some form or another is crucial to a successful day out. Navigtaion in the Mountains is packed with useful advice and guidance on everything from the fundamentals to winter and overseas navigation. There are also up to date chapters on global positioning systems, digital mapping software and even teaching navigation - particularly valuable for future or existing leaders. This book is a handy resource for all hill goers and is also available as a ebook (for Kindle or iBook).

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