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Did you know that Mountain Training has a membership association?

It’s called the Mountain Training Association and it's main aim is to support you to be successful; whether that's passing an assessment, running your own business or being an inspirational volunteer.

The association was set up by us, Mountain Training (the organisation you register with when you embark on a scheme), to support people working towards our qualifications and develop people who already have them.

Anyone who’s registered on one of our qualification schemes can join the Mountain Training Association (it’s not compulsory) and members get access to a whole range of supportive benefits, for just £34 a year. Want to succeed?

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A recent survey of members identified some of the most valuable benefits of membership:

Personal develop programme

Navigation workshop Developing yourself is a really important part of the Mountain Training Association, regardless of which stage you’re at with any of Mountain Training’s qualifications, so it’s no surprise that the workshops and conferences it coordinates are popular with members. They’re all about enabling people to excel and be professional in their approach to becoming, or being, qualified.


Workshops are great for people consolidating skills between training and assessment, as well as for people who have a qualification and want to excel. Only Mountain Training approved course directors can deliver course-specific workshops or refreshers and other workshops are delivered by specialists in a particular field. This means members are always getting up to date training from the experts.

Workshops take place all over the UK and cover all sorts of topics, from upland plants and navigation in the mountains to coaching climbing and learning to route set; there’s something for everyone. The majority of workshops are open to all members and some require you to be trained or qualified in a particular scheme.


Conferences are an opportunity for lots of members to get together and spend a weekend learning alongside likeminded people. The conference programme varies depending on whether there’s a particular theme or not and always includes a selection of half day and full day workshops to choose from.

The next conference will be based at Glenmore Lodge at the end of January 2017 and its focus is the winter environment. In November 2017 there will be a conference based around supporting professionalism.

Regional groups and events

The Mountain Training Association has members all over the UK and there are 11 regional groups, each with a regional coordinator, who organise additional learning opportunities and social events. The events are always low cost or free and often peer-led to make the most of the skills within each region.

Regional groups are a great way to find people who want to practice the same skills as you. So if you’re working towards an assessment, you don’t need to do it alone.

Professional Mountaineer Magazine

The Professional Mountaineer magazine

The Professional Mountaineer is a joint association magazine. Articles are written by, and for, members of the Mountain Training Association (MTA), Association of Mountaineering Instructors (AMI), British Association of International Mountain Leaders (BAIML) and British Mountain Guides (BMG). It’s a quarterly magazine with articles on destinations, technical skills, our planet, guidance and business sense as well as book and gear reviews.

The magazine is a great resource and opportunity to learn from and contribute to the wider community.

Articles from the Autumn 2016 edition included a recommendation of Scottish scrambles, guidance on how to give feedback, advice on protecting your business, information about British berries and and introduction to transformational leadership.

Find out more about the magazine and view sample articles.

CPD record

Online CPD record

Unsurprisingly perhaps, given the importance of the personal development programme, the ability to record continued personal development (CPD) on the candidate management system is also highly prized and is something that only association members can do. Full members (those with a qualification) commit to gaining two CPD points, which roughly equates to two days, in a five year period. These points can come from workshops, conferences, many regional events or from another accredited source such as an employer, Mountain Rescue or the Scout Association, for example.

Members of the Mountain Training Association can share their CPD record with employers or make it public.

Deals and discounts

Everyone loves a good deal and the Mountain Training Association has negotiated some great deals for members. Big names such as Cotswold Outdoor, Sherpa Adventure Gear, Montane, Joe Brown Shops, Viewranger and Terra Nova all support the association by offering discounts for members. So whether it’s t-shirts, tents or trainers you need, paying full price is a thing of the past.

Other benefits of association membership include:

  • Technical advice – got a question about a technical aspect of leadership? Members have access to advice from Mountain Training’s technical staff team through a ‘Technical Question’ email service.
  • Insurance – the Mountain Training Association has a specially negotiated rate for civil liability insurance which is available to full members.
  • Members-only resource area - access articles, interviews and teaching aids to support you in your role or as you develop.
  • Monthly newsletters – stay in the loop with what’s going on in the association through a monthly newsletter.
  • Find a Leader – write a short profile and list yourself and your qualifications in a public search facility.
  • Regional meets and events – get together with people from your region to share skills or attend an event in a different region if you’re away from home.

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Mountain Training and the Mountain Training Association

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