1/ What is the purpose of the MTA regional groups?

Regional groups have been set up across the UK to enable members to get together locally to undertake peer led training, share good practice and socialise with other outdoor trainees and leaders. We recognise that our members have a wealth of knowledge and experience and we're keen to create as many opportunities around the UK as possible to bring them together to help each other and facilitate the sharing and exchange of their skills and expertise; members helping members.

Full members can support those under going training and consolidation as a form of mentoring and trainee members have an opportunity to get together to gain personal experience prior to assessment.

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2/ Who is my local regional coordinator?

Each regional group has a coordinator who has kindly volunteered their time to take on the responsibility of organising and sourcing local Continued Personal Development (CPD) opportunities for members. These events are chances for members to get together, gain valuable personal experience, practice skills, share ideas and socialise with like-minded outdoor enthusiasts.

To find out what's happening in your area, contact your nearest regional coordinator.

3/ How do I find out what's going on in my region?

There are a number of ways to find out what's going on in your region (or any other for that matter):
  • Browse the MTA workshop programme - filter by date, location and make sure you click on the purple MTA logo to search for workshops applicable to members of the association. Most of the regional events are free to attend or run at a very low cost to members.
  • Contact your regional coordinator to find out what's in the pipeline
  • Join the closed MTA Facebook group and look out for posts in your area
  • Read the monthly e-newsletter for regular regional updates
  • We advertise some events in our NEWS pages on our web homepage

4/ Can I attend a regional group in a different part of the country to where I live?

Absolutely! Regional groups are designed to facilitate peer-led learning opportunities. If you’re visiting a region and you fancy joining a workshop or social climbing evening you’re more than welcome.

5/ Are there any volunteering opportunities within MTA, and if so, how can I get involved?

There may be opportunities for you to get involved with a regional group, local to you:

1. Become a regional coordinator

As the membership continues to grow and the spread of members changes, we are open to creating more regional groups across the UK where there is demand/need, producing more local communities of support within the wider MTA community and giving members better access to CPD and peer events on their doorsteps.

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Volunteer prerequisites
  • A keen interest in supporting the aims and objectives of MTA.
  • Has some free time to devote to organising/hosting events to support local members - socials, peer events, free talks/lectures etc
  • Current MTA member (desirable)
  • Friendly, sociable, likes meeting lots of new people
  • Good organisational skills
  • Familiar with social media (desirable, not essential)

2. Become a support volunteer

If you're interested in volunteering in some capacity but you're not sure you want to take on the position of a regional coordinator, why not apply to be a support volunteer in your region instead? Support volunteers exist to provide a little bit of help to the regional coordinator throughout the year; organising some events and perhaps hosting some meet-ups at venues near you, to share the load and reduce the amount of travel for the regional coordinators.

3. Run free events for members

If you're interested in running a one-off CPD event in your area for MTA members for free or at a small charge please contact your regional coordinator.

For MTA FAQs relating to membership, benefits or CPD please click on the following links:

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