FAQs: Development (CPD)

1/ What does CPD stand for and why do I need it?

CPD stands for ‘Continued Personal Development’ and is the means by which members maintain, improve and broaden their knowledge and skills and develop the personal qualities required when using their awards. Mountain Training believes that this process is vital for all members, whether working full time in the outdoors or using the awards in a voluntary capacity.

Promoting and developing a robust CPD culture raises the profile of the Association and allows us to confidently promote our members to potential employees, organisations and the public. It's also a great asset for a professional CV and highlights your dedication to enhancing your skills and knowledge.

2/ What counts as CPD? How can I earn CPD points and how many do I need?

Every 5 years after gaining the first award MTA members must:
  • Complete 20 days of personal or group leading/supervision experience, ideally a mix of both.
  • Hold a current first aid certificate.
  • Gain 2 credit points from a variety of accredited CPD experiences.
  • Record your CPD online in the candidate management System, Your Account, CPD.
MTA schedules a programme of workshops throughout the year, providing opportunities to update, refresh and enhance your skills. As well as the workshops listed on the CMS there are a whole host of other CPD opportunities that can provide you with a wide variety of learning experiences and can be be added to your CPD record. These include courses run by organisations such as DofE, Scouts, NICAS, Girlguiding, Institute of Outdoor learning as well as employers in-house and Mountain Rescue training.

Further information about CPD and workshops can be found in the Members Area which can be accessed through your CMS account.

3/ How do I find a workshop?

A range of workshops are advertised on the Mountain Training website 'find a workshop'. These will automatically be uploaded into your workshop and CPD record once the workshop has been completed.

4/ When do I need to start earning CPD points? I have just done a training course for one of the schemes. Does this course count towards my CPD?

CPD is logged after you have completed your first Mountain Training award. You do not need to worry about gaining CPD points until you hold an award.

Training courses for a second or third scheme count as CPD after the first assessment has been passed. For example, if you pass the Climbing Wall Award assessment and subsequently attend Climbing Wall Leading Award training, this counts as CPD.

As a trainee member you are not required to log CPD, but there’s nothing to stop you from attending workshops in the meantime to build on your skills and knowledge. It will still be recorded in your CMS record.

5/ I have attended some very useful courses recently, but my CPD record hasn’t been updated to reflect this. Why is this?

Attendance at MTA workshops will automatically be recorded in the Training tab of your CMS account and your CPD record, but all other externally recognised/accredited CPD needs to be updated in your CPD record manually. Simply log into your CMS account, go to your CPD Records tab (under Awards & Training) and click 'Add CPD'. Then select the relevant course/s that you have attended from the drop-down menu. Detailed guidance on how to add CPD to your CPD record can be found in the MEMBERS AREA.

6/ My MTA workshop is not visible in my Training tab or my CPD record of my CMS account. What do I need to do?

Workshops scheduled specifically by MTA will be automaticlly updated in your CMS account, so please be patient. The provider running the workshop will update and submit the workshop in due course. Please allow some time for this.

If you have been waiting more than two weeks for your MTA workshop to appear in your CMS record please contact us directly.

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