1/ I joined MTA as soon I registered onto a scheme, but I don't have the option to appear in the 'Find A Leader' search on your website. Why is this?

If you join MTA as soon as you register onto a scheme you will be a Trainee member, as you are in the training phase of your award and have not yet achieved an accreditation.

As soon as you pass an award, you will be granted FULL membership giving you access to additional benefits, including the ability to accumulate CPD points and feature in the ‘Find A Leader’ facility of the Mountain Training website. In the meantime, please enjoy the range of benefits that are still accessible to you as a Trainee, including gear deals and access to the MTA member-only Facebook group.

2/ How do I access the Members Area and view the gear deals/discounts that are available to me?

You can log into the members area via the sign in header at the very top of the Association website or log into your Mountain Training (CMS) account, click your username and select the Membership Tools option from the drop-down menu. Once in the Members Area you can view the wide range of discounts and offers available to you.

3/ As a MTA member how can I access the Facebook group?

The member-led Facebook group can be accessed by clicking the Forum header at the very top of the Association website. Alternatively, you can search for the group in Facebook. You need to request to join the group and your request will be approved within afew days (if you are a valid MTA member).

If you encounter any issues with access please contact us directly.

4/ What is the ‘Find A Leader’ facility?

Full MTA members have the opportunity to advertise themselves as a Leader on the Mountain Training website via the 'Find A leader' facility. This tool typically displays your name, picture and the awards that you currently hold, plus more if you wish. The public can then view your profile in more detail and contact you directly to make an enquiry.

To be a part of this facility you must be a full member and must actively sign up to the ‘Find A leader’ function by manually ticking the ‘List me’ box in the Memberships tab of your CMS account.

5/ How can I amend my 'Find A Leader' public profile?

You can choose what personal information is displayed on your public profile by clicking 'Edit profile' in the Membership Tools section of your CMS account.

Click here for further guidance.

6/ Can I use/display the MTA logo?

If you are a full member you can use the Association logo to promote yourself and your business. You can access the logo and the guidelines of its use in the ‘Members Area’ via your CMS account.

7/ As a MTA member, how do I access the exclusive members area?

There are several ways that current members can access their MTA members area.

Click below for guidance:

8/ As a MTA member, how do I access the e-learning modules?

There are several ways to gain access to your e-learning modules.

Click below for guidance:

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