1/ What is the MTA and why should I join?

The Mountain Training Association (MTA) is a membership organisation set up by Mountain Training in 2005 to support people working towards their qualifications and develop people who already have them. Now well established with over 5,000 members it is the nationally recognised membership organisation for climbing, walking and mountain leaders in the UK and Ireland.

Whether you're planning to attend a training course, have got your assessment coming up, already work/volunteer in the outdoor industry, or just want to stay informed, in touch and up to date, the Mountain Training Association has something for you; supporting you through your qualification journey and for the rest of your outdoor career.

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2/ Who is eligible to become a member of MTA?

Anyone that has registered for a Mountain Training qualification can join the MTA, at any stage in their outdoor career.

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3/ How do I become a member/renew my membership?

The easiest and quickest way to become an MTA member or renew your annual membership is via your online Candidate Management System (CMS) account. Simply log-in to your CMS account and make an online payment in your Membership tab. You can also join and renew by direct debit too, saving you some time and hassle when your membership is due for renewal.

If your membership is due for renewal you will also receive a friendly reminder from us one month before the renewal date, giving you plenty of time to renew before your membership expires.

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4/ Do I have to become a member of MTA before I can register onto a Mountain Training scheme? Is it a compulsory membership?

You do not have to become a member of MTA when registering for a Mountain Training qualification. It is not compulsory to be a member of MTA, but there are many benefits to membership.

To pursue an award scheme the compulsory stages you must complete in the beginning are as follows:

1. Set up a free CMS account with Mountain Training
2. Become a member of a Mountaineering Council and pay a membership fee to your chosen Council
3. Register onto the Mountain Training scheme of your choice and pay a registration fee

5/ I have registered onto the Hill & Mountain Skills scheme. Can I become a member of MTA?

No, if you wish to join MTA you need to be registered onto an award scheme. We hope candidates who register for Hill & Mountain skills will in the future choose to undergo an award scheme at which point they will become eligible to join.

6/ What happens when I become an MTA member?

As soon as you pay for your membership you will receive a confirmation email and instant access to your membership benefits.

A membership card and letter will also arrive by post - please allow up to two weeks for this to arrive.

7/ Will my MTA card display a picture of me?

Yes, the picture on your MTA card is directly linked to the picture in your CMS account, so choose your CMS Profile picture wisely! We recommend a professional close up head shot.

8/ I was expecting to receive an MTA badge when I got my MTA card through the post. Is this not the case?

MTA badges are available to full MTA members and are an optional extra that can be purchased online via the ‘SHOP’ tab of your CMS account. We have a range of MTA merchandise available so feel free to browse at your leisure. Visit the shop.

9/ I have renewed my membership a few weeks/months before its actual renewal date, why haven’t I received a new card yet?

Your card will be sent out shortly after your renewal date, not before so please be patient.

910/ I have completed an award this year since receiving my MTA card. Will I automatically receive a new card to reflect the changes?

MTA cards are sent out once a year shortly after the renewal date and the information on the card will reflect what is in your CMS account at the time.

We can supply an updated card on request before your renewal date. There is a small administration and printing charge for this. First, ensure that your new qualification is clearly visible in your CMS account, then order a new card in the online shop.

FAQs: Membership Payments & Direct Debits

12/ Can I renew my MTA membership by direct debit through CMS?

Yes, it is now possible to renew/pay for your MTA membership automatically by direct debit through your Mountain Training CMS account.

13/ How will the direct debit work? When will money be taken from my account once I have set up my direct debit?

When you decide to set up a direct debit for the first time money will be taken from your account straight away and a new MTA card will arrive in the post with an updated expiry date.

Please bear this in mind if you choose to set up your direct debit several months before your MTA membership is due to expire. For example, if your membership is due to expire in November and you choose to set up your direct debit early in July, money will be taken from your account in July for next year’s membership and you will receive a new card with an expiry date of November next year. Don’t worry if you have done this, you will not lose out on membership months. You’ve just been very organised! To keep things simple, we would recommend waiting until your MTA membership is due for renewal before you set up your direct debit.

This will only apply in the first year that you create your direct debit. From then on, when your membership is due for renewal, payment will automatically be taken from your account one month before your membership is due to expire. You will also receive an email notification before we take payment.

The system will make three attempts to take this payment. If it fails three times, your membership will be removed from the system and you will need to set up a new direct debit or pay by card.

14/ What happens to my direct debit if the price of MTA membership changes at some point in the future?

Don't worry, we will inform all MTA members of any price changes in advance of the change being made. This will be included in the notification email that you will receive prior to your direct debit payment being taken.

15/ In the past I have paid for my MTA membership by direct debit through the BMC. Can I still do this?

No, to improve the efficiency of the payment process and ensure that you get instant access to your membership benefits, we've changed this renewal process.

From 1st September 2018 onwards, the next time you renew your MTA membership you need to do it with us at MTA, directly through your online Mountain Training account.

Don't panic - You don't need to do anything until your membership is due for renewal and you will receive an automated renewal email from us telling you how you can pay and/or set up a direct debit.

17/ I don't want to renew my MTA membership. Do I need to do anything?

If you have not set up a direct debit for your MTA membership in the past then you don't need to do anything. You will receive several automated emails informing you that your membership is due for renewal soon. If you don't want to renew, simply ignore these emails. You will then receive a final email from us notifying you that your memberhip has expired.

If you have set up a direct debit via the Mountain Training CMS account, make sure that you log in and cancel your direct debit.

Similarly, if you have set up a direct debit with the BMC to annually renew your MTA membership please contact the BMC directly to cancel it.

For MTA FAQs relating to benefits, regional groups or CPD please click on the following links:

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