ML ropework attendees

Ropework refresher

Steve Pease of Vertical Relief ran an excellent Mountain Leader ropework refresher workshop yesterday evening for MTA members in the South East.

Having done my Mountain Leader assessment nearly seven years ago, but not practised the techniques taught on the Mountain Leader courses much since then, the workshop was very useful not only for revising those techniques, but also as a reminder of the need to keep skills up to date by practising them at regular intervals. In the last couple of years I’ve started doing some rock climbing and become a bit more familiar with various knots and belay methods, but the workshop was a reminder that a Mountain Leader requires different skills from a rock climber in order to keep a walking group safe without the aid of climbing hardware, using the rope only as a last resort.

What I thought was most useful about the workshop was not so much the revision of the ropework techniques themselves, but putting this in context of general good practice in managing a party on the hill, how to reassure nervous clients, the use of other techniques such as spotting and how to avoid getting into a situation where use of a rope is necessary.

Ml ropework practice
The other people who attended the workshop, all working towards their Mountain Leader assessments, were clearly keen to improve their skills in this area and it was obvious that they enjoyed the workshop just as much as I did. One thing we all agreed on was that we would like to see more ML-related workshops offered in the south east of England.

Members of my club, Bremex Mountaineering and Climbing Club, would certainly find these workshops useful, so I will be spreading the word to them in future.

Written by
Chris Loy (MTA member)

Photos by
Steve Pease


Keep an eye on the MTA workshop programme for more future CPD workshops like this!

Ropework refresher