Mass Trespass day

Reliving the Mass Trespass of 1932

In glorious clear weather, sunshine relieved by a cool breeze, nine MTA members walked in the footsteps of the heroic working class lads and lasses, who in 1932 defied the hired bullies of the grouse-shooting toffs, and dared to set foot on the forbidden slopes of Kinder Scout, demanding the right of access to our wild places.

Stephen Jones, MTA regional coordinator for the Peak District lead the group to places connected with the main events of the day, told stories and pored over grainy old photographs. But it was above all a superb hill walk on one of the most fascinating hills in Britain.

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Pictures of the day

The steep flanks of Kinder where the trespassers came to blows with the gamekeepers

Mass Trespass

The first view the trespassers had of Kinder Downfall

Mass Trespass 2018

Words by Stephen Jones
Peak District Regional Coordinator
Reliving the Mass Trespass