Night nav o'clock

MTA workshop review - 14th Nov 2018

A challenge for those of us based in the South East is how to hone skills for the hill, moorland and mountain environments without travelling away from home? This week's night navigation and dealing with emergencies workshop with Steve Pease in the Chilterns proved that, with his approach, it is very possible to learn and improve for more remote locations, in the lowland environment.

This MTA workshop was sold out and participants brought a range of personal experience and knowledge to share, in addition to Steve's expertise. As well as night navigation exercises around Ivinghoe Beacon, Steve's focus was the management of emergencies. He demonstrated with a range of kit and options for improvised carries - with and without rope - which we all tried and tested.

As well as thinking of the contexts of hill and moorland or mountain terrain and poor conditions, Steve also covered difficulties that might be faced in the apparently safer lowland environment.

A very enjoyable and informative session and I am already looking forward to Steve's next night navigation MTA workshop in the new year.

Written by

Jennifer Burdett
(MTA member & workshop attendee)
Night nav