Credit. Cath Sinclair

Unusual map scales

We all navigate confidently (usually!) at 1:25k. But as you know, the Mountain Leader syllabus requires candidates and award holders to be just as efficient at other scales. Typically this will be 1:50k, but there are other scales; Harvey at 1:40 with those tricky 15m contours; 1:10k, which you have to order; and so on. Ever tried navigating your way around Kinder Scout using a 19th century map? That's exactly what the MTA regional group have been up to this weekend, and with a great deal of success!

For the ‘1:50k and beyond’ workshop Stephen (MTA regional coordinator) brought along a variety of interesting maps of different scales and vintages.

It was amazing to successfully use a 19th century map and we enjoyed relating the landforms seen to the representations on paper.

Moorland flora and fauna were not neglected as we found various flowers and grasses and saw a mountain hare and some pretty moths.

All in all it was a great day!

Feedback from Cath Sinclair
(MTA member)

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Credit. Cath Sinclair 2018 Moth - credit Cath Sinclair
1:50 maps and beyond