Brand Partners

The AMI has the following Brand Partners. Each one sponsors the association and the excellent relationship we have with each company is mutually beneficial. Working with the best in the business we can help develop fantastic equipment and clothing for climbers and mountaineers. The following information tells you a little about each company and the logos have links to the companies.


DMM have been producing climbing equipment in North Wales for over 30 years. From the very outset the company has developed products in two main areas; Recreational Climbing and Mountaineering has developed alongside products aimed more at the more Industrial markets. DMM maintains a unique position as the sole Manufacturer of Climbing Hardware in the UK.
DMM Logo


Rab Carrington, the climber, the legend, is a fundamental part of our brand. Our identity as a brand and as a group of people is based on his pioneering spirit and should reflect who he is and what he stands for. The foundations on which he built the brand are important if not vital to where we are and where we are going in the future. Rab is: simple, durable, British, practical, technical, approachable, honest and confident.
We design garments to work well in the most extreme conditions in the world. We don’t embellish things just for the sake of it. Our products, our mentality, demonstrate crafted, pragmatic solutions. Behind every new product is the belief that it has real value. We craft our range in order to offer products that are trustworthy, functional and fit for purpose. Rab believes in creating great partnerships which foster innovation and advancement of the outdoor industry. We use the latest technologies to deliver measurably increased performance to the end user.
Rab Logo

Lowe Alpine

50 years ago Lowe Alpine was created because 3 brothers from Colorado wanted better outdoor gear. There were new technologies out there, but they had a willingness and vision to think differently about how to create them. This was the start of a revolution that has generated innovation after innovation, almost yearly right up to the present day.
The Lowe Alpine ethos is to create change, put convention aside and think completely afresh.
This is the approach that allows us to continually produce incredible product brimming with unique innovation.
Lowe logo


Satmap Systems Ltd is a UK based company founded in October 2005. Since 2005 they have developed two high end handheld GPS devices that are designed for activities such as walking, hiking, cycling and off-roading. Aside from the Active series of GPS devices, we also have several hundred high quality maps from a number of reliable sources such as Ordnance Survey and OpenCycleMap. As of 2014 we have developed the Satmap Adventure Layer mapping, which uses OpenCycleMap data.
Satmap Logo